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Okay, coming clean: I might have contracted a het OTP for a podcast that does not have a fandom. I need handholding, or chicken broth, or whatever it is that one does with OTPs not reciprocated by the fandom community at large.

The Black Tapes is an illicit love child of The Serial and Welcome to Night Vale, taking the format (investigative journalism in radio format) from the former, and the genre (weird wobbly horror) from the latter, with a generous sprinkling of The X-Files on top. It has a Schroedinger fandom (you know, not alive, but also not quite dead, unless you look closely.)

The premise of the podcast in a nutshell: Alex Reagan, a radio host and a nerd extraordinaire, wants to create a podcast about people with weird jobs, but her first interviewee is such a goldmine that she basically creates a podcast about him. Enter Richard Strand, an eccentric millionaire who founded an institute for disproving sightings of anything beyond the scope of physics (ranging from reported poltergeists and cases of demonic possession to the Slenderman and other urban folklore favourites). He promises a million dollars to whoever proffers a case that cannot be disproved; the viable claimants-the cases that, he says, cannot be disproved because of various technicalities-are the Black Tapes from the title, which Alex Reagan starts to investigate in-depth. The podcast starts out with the episodic monster-of-the-week format, but acquires a mytharc later on, right as Richard Strand acquires a mysterious past of the missing wife variety, and Alex Reagan acquires a possible demonic curse hanging over her head. (I hope I didn’t get anything horribly wrong: I listen to podcasts when falling asleep, so, hardly conducive to longterm memory.)

Of course, I basically sat up straight from moment one and went, but what if Richard Strand is a depressed flesh-eating demon, paying people to prove his nonexistence as a rhetorical suicide? Alex would laugh so hard when she finds out just what the team sceptic is. And he would be all injured innocence, like, but all those other cases were false, he knows because he’s the real thing! Ugh, note to self: never ever consume any media that does not have a fandom, especially if it's conducive to your well-documented thing for pairings where a half of the pairing is a monster (I blame early exposure to The Interview with the Vampire) (I also take recs).

Anyway, here's the theme song for The Black Tapes. Its first lines - Oh my lord, here’s a just reward: bring me my devil (which is kind of all you can hear in the intro to the podcast anyway) - make my heart skip a beat or two.
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Изображение - savepic.org — сервис хранения изображений

I get this thought about 15 seconds into watching *any* of Mark Strong’s roles.

(Hence, I'm willing to plea the irrelevance of authorial intent and stick to my assumption that Eddie, as performed by Strong, is gay & wading chin-deep in denial.)
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In my 10+ years in fandom, never have I ever encountered a canon that impels one to consider non-consensual mpreg as a viable plot twist for the sequel as strongly as Victor Frankenstein does. It would make perfect sense. Fandom has let me down horribly on this one.

Like, Victor has canonically discussed in vitro insemination, and the possibility that female bodies could be skipped in reproduction altogether. So, we are just half a step away from him deciding that there's a more sanitary way to create life unnaturally than stitching together fragments of dead bodies.

Just imagine it: Igor notices Victor looking at him, sizing him up. Victor is always in his space anyways, shouting, imploring, inveigling and wheedling, his hands on Igor's shoulders, or pulling on his sleeve, or cautiously touching his elbow, and Igor no longer even winces when drops of Victor's saliva hit his face as he yells. Victor keeps drawing anatomy charts on the floor, but lately it's perfunctory. Igor wonders, his palms going cold, what could possibly have dampened the enthusiasm of a man who previously wouldn't think twice before cutting out the eyes of his dead rommate.

And then one day, Victor says, in an unusually plaintive tone, it's a breakthrough like no other, and presses a damp, rank-smelling cloth to Igor's face, and the world goes blank. Later, Igor comes to with a start, but as he scampers to sit up, there's sharp pain in his abdomen. You shouldn't move, Victor says,pressing him down. Science, Victor says, the one solid point in the whirling world. I'm sorry, but you'll come to understand. Igor presses a palm over the stitches - of the two of them, Victor is not the one known for neat handiwork - listens and listens and listens, trying to feel his redoubled mortality. That would have been glorious, alright?

Desirability of non-consensual mpreg aside, I found the movie overall rather meh. I actually love Mary Shelley's Frankenstein with a fiery passion of a thousand suns, but this movie just didn't do it for me. I think it was faithful to the original in all the wrong places, and then deviated from it in all the wrong places too. Frankenstein-the-novel is very much a product of anxieties of its time, and those anxieties are not easily grafted to contemporary concerns. I don't think you should whip out the "but only God can create life!!1" argument with a straight face anymore - it simply no longer has the same existential weight - nor should you, really. The key motif of Frankenstein can be repackaged with startlingly few nips and twists here and there to actually match contemporary concerns and to obviate the need to invoke God: there are plenty of anxieties re:medical research these days to fuel more than one movie, yet this one didn't even try. Alternately, you could just drop those issues altogether and, while retaining the premise (scientist creates life, life is grumpy), make it a movie about something else - like, about the homoerotic friendship between said scientist and his sidekick. At first, it seemed like Victor Frankenstein was going this way, but then it brought in all those ethical conundrums reduced to platitudes confounding in their triteness. Like, no. That screen time should have been spent on mpreg. Or literally anything else.

Overall verdict: entertaining, but inherently skippable.
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Since [personal profile] marina is a pimp extraordinaire, and her Hannibal post is a thing of majestic beauty, I gave up and finally watched Hannibal. (That might have been a mistake, because Mikkelsen looks like Putin and I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to read Hannibal fics without that unwanted thought in mind. Yuck.)

The series is an important lesson in sticking to your guns, genre-wise. S1 tried hard to be a police procedural. As such, it hardly merited more than a B- for effort, but it tried. S2 went for a Gothic something-or-other: the doppelgangers! the madness! the overall aesthetic! man aspiring to godhead/wrestling with god! The master plot of S2, and I'm pretty much quoting verbatim from the various dialogues throughout the season, is god creating man in his image so that there'd be someone to love him; and realizing, once it's too late, that in point of fact, he created him so that he'd have someone to love. *sprinkle with exercises in theodicy to taste* They should have stopped at that, because S3 is a disaster. I think someone grew too enamoured with their sham metaphysics, and the first half of the season, with all their maybe-postmortem-maybe-not adventures, is impossible to watch with a straight face. I mean, I read a long and technical French work on narratology while skipping the convoluted quasi-philosophical dialogues of S3, and lemme tell you, when lit theory is more exhiting than your murder mystery, you are doing something horribly, irreparably wrong.

Once they switched out of the pensieve mode, it was kinda fun though! almost like reading a fic on AO3, and a one that hits a lot of my major kinks to boot. I didn't expect that so many things that I took to be fanon are indeed canon (like, I thought that Murder Husbands was a fandom moniker. Was I ever wrong.)
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I had to check something, so I went through my amazon purchases history for 2014.

The list literally consists of industrial quantities of blood-clotting gauze, combat-application tourniquets, a pink flowery backpack, a vibrator, and a book about the golden age of shtetls.

…I think that sums me up better than, um, most anything.
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I gave up and finally got myself a tumblr account. Thanks, Kingsman fandom, for providing the last prod. Now I have access to all the fanart, and actors' photos, and stuff. Also, I guess I'm cleaning up my hard drive by posting random photos I saved ages ago.

Also, Tumblr doesn't yet believe I'm human, so my posts don't show up in tags, which is probably the reason why it all feels less daunting than dreamwidth XD
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I keep losing the links, so here's a short list of my favourite fics in the Kingsman fandom. To be updated as I remember more titles.

Harry/Merlin, aka the Ship that Ate My Heart

Nightfall by spinnd (Harry/Merlin, R for violence, hurt/comfort)
Summary: "Best start talking, little spy. Once we're done breaking all your fingers, we might just start cutting them off."
Merlin is captured by terrorists, and Harry mounts a rescue mission while listening to Merlin being tortured over the comms. Also features: James!Lancelot, the dork extraordinaire; Merlin, who remains a badass and pretty much saves himself; wonderful background details of the medical persuasion; stuff having consequences; nice glimpses into the workings of Kingsman (functional teams pulling together to save their own, Merlin developing testing procedures, etc.).

The Next Galahad by wallmakerrelict (Harry/Merlin, WIP, pre-canon, PG so far, but a girl can hope)
Summary: Harry Hart is young and directionless when he is offered a chance to change his life by becoming a Kingsman agent. As he fights his way through the selection process, he finds that he is just as motivated by his growing friendship with the other candidates (and his burgeoning crush on the handsome quartermaster overseeing his tests) as he is by the opportunity to be an international spy. But training is over too quickly, and the real world is a harsher teacher than Merlin ever was - for all of them.
This would have been perfect, if not for the fact that it's an Extremely Slow-Moving WIP. If you can put up with the anguish of waiting for updates, this fic has everything a fangirl might ever want: badass elderly ladies working as secret agents, young Harry being caught in flagrante delicto with a married male attaché, wonderful nuanced descriptions of the testing process, slow burn, pan-demisexual Merlin, quirky gadgets, and more.

The Water is Wide by spinnd (Harry/Merlin, NC-17, pre-canon)
Summary: Quoting wholesale from source, because it is the best explanation, really.
"I also have an headcanon where merlin was found in a dumpster by the former merlin while she was heading home from work one day. and she was like “fucking stop crying” and before she knew it had picked up a baby.
Basically merlin was raised by the kingsman and they all just called him junior."
Here's to Kingsman spy family fics.

I started reading this expecting tiny!Merlin to be the cutest, which he was. I did not expect the awesomeness that is Merlin Senior, and the whole cast of original characters populating the fic. The knights, who are mostly as messed-up as you'd expect someone who chose that sort of job to be, bond over having to raise a kid, and it's all super-dorky, until a sudden flash of realistic angst brings you to tears. Okay, here's a dorkier sample of Kingsman parenting methods: they kind of forgot to name tiny!Merlin XD
The fic also features awkward drunk sex, which is a rather rare thing in fandom (bc everybody's, like, super-wholesome), yet I'm partial to it, because it gives me all sorts of nice flashbacks to my misspent teenage years XD


The Thrice-Crowned by therune (Arthur character study, PG)
Arthur is not really a well-developed character in canon; truth be told, he's almost a stereotypical cackling villain. Yet, realistically, if he was chosen to run that sort of organization, and managed it well until his one fatal fuckup, he must have been quite a character, efficient and ruthless and too smart for his own good. Well, this fic fills in his background, and it's awesome.

Of Sterner Stuff by schweinsty
Summary: In which Roxy Morton applies for a position, makes a good friend, is a good friend, has a pleasant affair with a very nice girl, doesn't take people's shit, spoils a poodle, and saves the world.
The author tagged this as "The Roxy POV You Never Knew You Wanted," and, in my experience, the description is absolutely correct. The ultimate Roxy fic, great POV, a dollop of femslash in the background, and an awesome het bromance.

Bits and bobs:

Hardest Substances by polysyndeta (Merlin/Eggsy/Harry, NC-17)
Summary: "You took a fist up the arse for Kingsman?" Eggsy laughs like he's saying the words, ha ha ha.
"It was easier than shooting my dog," Merlin says calmly.

Egg sandwich is not my usual fare, but this fic is hot beyond words. Fisting, humour, rough sex, character study, more humour. Did I mention HOT? and FISTING?

Not According To Plan by reptilianraven
Summary: James talks a lot. Really. A lot. Knowing this, Percival learns how to deal with the ever so constant stream of comments during missions, out of missions, and sometimes, during actual live fire.
“Truth or dare?” James says when they’re crouched behind a table for cover. A security team thunders down the hallways, bullets going through the walls.
Or the one where James and Percival play Truth or Dare for a very long time. Also, worryingly timed explosions, stealth dating, lions, oblivious fools, and eventually, love.

Every bit as awesome as the summary suggests.

The Innocent Son series by syllogismos (Merlin/Eggsy, NC-17, size kink, PWPs with a healthy dollop of character study/angst)
Post-canon, not a fix-it, Merlin and Eggsy bond over their shared grief for Harry, and have scorchingly hot sex, and are actually good for each other.

Hartwin: (aka I do belong in the fandom, I swear!)
Accession by rageprufrock (Harry/Eggsy, NC-17, WIP)
Summary: The act or process by which someone rises to a powerful and important position.
Harry clutches the tumbler closer to his chest in defense. "The last English monarch to ride into battle was Richard III, C."
"They located his remains, Harry, and his scoliosis wouldn't have been too noticeable in armor," C says, with a total lack of sympathy.

Harry suddenly finds himself an heir to the trone, is forced to resign from his job in the secret service, and picks up Eggsy on his last night as a free man. Hot, and cool characterization of Harry who's every bit the violent show-off of a control freak that he was in canon.

The Great War by Fabrisse (Harry/Eggsy, PG so far, WIP)
Summary: Lieutenant Colonel Hart has been assigned from headquarters to a fighting brigade as part of the general reshuffling in the wake of the Somme. One of his Captains is Gary Unwin, who started the war as a corporal, but has moved up the ranks and recently been given a field promotion to his current rank after the Somme. His other three captains are part of his own class. There's an Artificer Sergeant Major (Warrant Officer 1) also recently reassigned.
Merlin in a kilt. Deliciously research-heavy. 'Nuff said.
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At 33K words, zugzwang is finally finished. It's the longest thing I ever wrote, so, while there are parts of it that I'm less than happy with, I'm still proud of having committed that many sequential words. 33K is nothing to frown at, y'know:) Posting it as a WIP was not the best idea, because it definitely could have benefited from a revision or two, but then, I would have dropped it like a hot potato after the 10K mark if not for the guilt trip factor of posting it as a WIP, so, all in all, it worked out fine in the end.

It's far beyond my comfort zone in terms of both length and several thematic things, so it was an instructive experience. For one, I now have a far better grip, I think, on what I can or cannot do well. So, it was fun, I'm glad I did it, I'm glad it's done.


Went out with friends Friday night, which deteriorated into a discussion of porn, genocides, contemporary Polish lit, more porn, indie documentary scene in Ukraine, and abortion legislation. It was fun at the time, we went to a movie festival & hung out till 3AM, but I've been stuck in a not-good mental place of the social anxiety sort ever since then. It's that stage where I get short but intense flashbacks to whatever my brain helpfully classified as "ahaha, you suck, everybody knows just what kind of a horrible misfit you are," and then I cannot breathe for several seconds, so, basically, it's like a short panic attack every several minutes or so. (I do know that my brain is dishing up a really skewed evaluation of me; hard evidence suggests that I'm entertaining and likable enough.) I know it will go away eventually, but it's barely this side of tenable at the moment. I could really do without these adventures with chronic social anxiety, especially since my therapist is now a continent away, and will remain so till January:( Well, every second of dealing with that brings me a second closer to that thing going away, so.
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Posted the A/B/O dystopia on AO3 through ch 9. The monstrosity is at 17K now, and not a sex scene in sight: doing fandom wrong. I'm tempted to cram some smut into the next chapter, despite common sense or better judgment, just because I need some schmoop in this quagmire of angst XD

zugzwang (Harry/Merlin, eventually NC-17)

Summary: When Harry got recruited, he expected his career in Kingsman to be not altogether dissimilar from a Bond movie. It is, kind of, except that instead of a colourful villain, he has to deal with an omega resistance movement, instead of a Bond girl, he gets a surly Scot who would shoot him for the designation, and, most important, he no longer has any idea whom he can trust. He should have become a tailor instead.

A fill of this prompt @ dressing-room3, kind of.

Me, while trying to outline the plot:

Also, finished all that tosh (Merlin/James|Lancelot/Harry, NC-17, pre-canon). I've never watched that much threesome porn for research purposes in my life, and all in vain: no hot threesome action happened *hangs head in shame*
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Posted the A/B/O dystopia on AO3 through ch 5.

zugzwang (Harry/Merlin, eventually NC-17)

Summary: When Harry got recruited, he expected his career in Kingsman to be not altogether dissimilar from a Bond movie. It is, kind of, except that instead of a colourful villain, he has to deal with an omega resistance movement, instead of a Bond girl, he gets a surly Scot who would shoot him for the designation, and, most important, he no longer has any idea whom he can trust. He should have become a tailor instead.

A fill of this prompt @ dressing-room3, kind of.

Amusing fact of the day, based on the random sample of my two fics of the A/B/O persuasion, and four non-A/B/O: A/B/O fics get way more hits and subscriptions than non-A/B/O, but way fewer comments. Omegaverse: the ultimate love that dare not speak its name XD


Also, chapter 4 of all that tosh. Balancing two WIPs turned out to be a great idea, actually. I have no idea how I'll get everybody into the same bed in "Tosh" (the elusive ch 5), and I have no idea how to minimize the drama past ch 6 or 7 (depending on how I slice it) in "zugzwang," so I'm procrastinating off one by writing the other where I would have just stalled otherwise.

God, I love this fandom.
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erebusodora, who is absolutely incredibly amazing, earlier drew EldritchHorror!Harry and BAMF!Merlin from the monsters are alright, and today she added another gorgeous tentacled Harry to the collection. I'm hyperventilating and clutching my laptop to my bosom. And licking my screen. OMG, this day just got 186% better.


All the firsts this fandom pushed me into!* First time juggling 2 WIPs: check.

and all that tosh (Merlin/Harry/James!Lancelot, pre-canon, NC-17, 3/5)
By nature as well as by choice, James is not prone to stopping at half-measures. Even he, however, would agree that falling in love with not one but two of his superiors was taking it a bit too far. It’s unclear whether the fact that said superiors are as good as married to each other makes it better or worse.

(Doing this to figure out if I can figure out the dynamics within a threesome. Not happy with the results so far, but am I ever happy with anything?)

A/B/O dystopia, so far kinkmeme only because I have neither a title nor a summary (Harry/Merlin, ~2,300 words in, planned out till ch5 (I'm at 1.5 chapters thus far), and then I'll hopefully wing it)

(well, I kind of have a provisional title: zugzwang, unless I come up with something better; if I don't, all my A/B/Os will have chess titles, and I don't even play chess. I mean, as a good Ukrainian girl, I was kinda taught to when I was 5, but I was taught by someone who has a PhD in maths and 0 pedagogical talent, so I'm still scarred by the experience, 20+ years later XD)

(Doing this to figure out if I can plot. Also, there are things in it that make me happy: planned, but not written yet, and they are not even kinky *doing it wrong*)

* Other firsts: (1) writing 1,000+ words a day for months; (2) writing in English; (3) consistently writing things longer than a random drabble; (4) enjoying writing explicit smut; (5) writing character-driven rather than intellectual construct-driven stuff; (6) reading and writing A/B/O; (7) developing actual pairing-specific kinks (within the context of Harry/Merlin, fisting makes me very happy; also, handjobs; there's definitely a theme there); (8) having my fics translated!!! (9) being offered fanart!!! (10) sadly, this is the first fandom I got stuck in that is fully tumblr-based, and tumblr is So The Worst Idea Ever for me, but this minor glitch fades compared to all the good stuff.

(Well, 1, 2, 3 and 5 is probably down to the general state of me rather than to Kingsman specifically, because this is the first year in my life when my social anxiety has eased off somewhat, and it feels absolutely amazing. Granted, "everybody hates me for spamming their AO3 rss feeds with my dreck, and judges me for all the OOCness and stuff" is still very much the background noise in my head, but I got better at reminding myself that my enjoyment of it matters too, and, in fact, is enough.)
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I've just realized that Merlin/Harry* is literally the mishmash of my two OTPs from the Criminal Minds fandom (Garcia/Reid and Hotch/Rossi). What can I say. I have types. When several collide in one pairing, I'm doomed.

* The way they are often written. From their 50 seconds of shared screen time, one could basically infer pretty much anything, but that's a common fandom reading.
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Dear people knowledgeable in A/B/O tropes, would somebody have some spare time to lend me an ear so that I could run a plotbunny by you? It's nothing too detailed at this point, but I'm a newcomer to the trope, so whatever I come up with is probably the most obvious thing that everybody else came up with before me. I want to check with someone who's more widely read in the trope if it has been done a gazillion times before me (in which case, yay, I want recs and that saves me a gazillion hours writing it).

Thanks in advance <3
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Never Cry Wolf (Harry/Merlin, Merlin/Eggsy, NC-17, AU, 9,825 words)

A fill of this prompt @ dressing-room3: "I would sell my soul, as well as that of the hypothetical first-born child, for a fic where Harry's a war correspondent of some renown, Merlin is his long-suffering editor, and together, they stumble into something that they were not supposed to know. Evidence of war crimes? Ghosts, mummies and other creepy-crawlies of the more fantastic sort? Anything goes!"

What it says on the tin, basically. Also features Eggsy as a young war photographer, because why not.

Well, as T.E. Lawrence, ever the ray of sunshine, put it, there's a final certainty in degradation. It fails in all the ways I knew it would, yet I don't necessarily regret writing it. I like some parts of it, kind of. *hides under a rock in shame*
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That is, I've started posting ANOTHER Kingsman fic. *hangs head in shame*

Never Cry Wolf (Harry/Merlin, Merlin/Eggsy, NC-17, AU)

A fill of this prompt @ dressing-room3: "I would sell my soul, as well as that of the hypothetical first-born child, for a fic where Harry's a war correspondent of some renown, Merlin is his long-suffering editor, and together, they stumble into something that they were not supposed to know. Evidence of war crimes? Ghosts, mummies and other creepy-crawlies of the more fantastic sort? Anything goes!"

What it says on the tin, basically. Also features Eggsy as a young war photographer, because why not.

1) I'm filling my own prompts, because dignity is the one thing that you simply cannot afford if you are into weird AUs. I've been carrying war correspondent AU plotbunnies like an albatross around my neck, and finally decided, well, why not. So, this is largely plotless and pointless geekery.

2) Please note that "Choose Not To Use Archive Warnings" line at the top. There won't be any graphic violence (nor any mentions of anything contemporary), but, you know, setting-specific yuck is setting-specific and yucky.

3) As a non-native speaker of English, I have about 0 chances of getting Eggsy's Cockney right, so I'm not even trying.

4) Also, still not a native speaker, still unbetaed, here be monsters.

I feel like everybody hates me as that one horrible person who writes OOC dreck and ungrammatical dreck, but in large quantities and for a pairing rare enough that the shippers actually have to put up with me. (I mean, we all know the type, right?) I never thought I'd be that person, yet here I am, 130 pounds of bubbly excitement and horrible writing. But whatever, nobody's obliged to read me, and I'm loving every second of it. <= my daily mantra.
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You know that feeling when insomnia pushes you into the loving bosom of a kinkmeme, and maybe you've translated 10+ pages of work-related stuff that day and your brain is totally fried and you absolutely don't intend to write anything, but are rather looking for some nifty ideas for bedtime stories, and then you kind of space out, and by the time you come to again, you have commited 2,400 words of A/B/O PWP? Well, everybody knows the feeling, right? BLOODY AWKWARD, all I'm saying.
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the monsters are alright (Harry Hart/Merlin, NC-17, 26,402 words)

Summary: As ruined weekends go, Merlin thinks with mounting despair, nothing quite beats being dumped by the love of your life and landing on babysitting duty minding the eldritch horror too ancient to have a name in any language, living or dead. The eldritch horror insists that Merlin call him Harry.

Additional tags: Lovecraftian, soul-bonding is totally a horror trope, inexorable tentacles are inexorable, have you accepted Harry Hart as your personal saviour?, I'm in it for schmoop, Pre-Canon

Also, erebusodora, an unbelievably brilliant & amazing soul, has a gorgeous portrait of the EldritchHorror!Harry (tentacles are best accessorized with ties, heeee), and of BAMF!Merlin of the same verse, who is deeply unamused by all the eldritch mumbo-jumbo around him.
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Dear people with experience in hockey RPS: is the immediate Crosby=>Ovechkin association something typical of civilians too, or is it a fandom thing? Inquiring minds want to know!


A roommate: It's playoffs!

Me: *busily typing out tentacle porn* Cool, what sport is that?

A roommate: Hockey!

Me: Oh cool, I have friends who are so into hockey smut. I think they are into Crosby?

A roommate: Meh, not my team, but speaking of Crosby, have you heard of Ovechkin?

Me: ...I might have read a smutty fic or two about them, yes.

And now she's strutting around the house wearing an awesome pendant: Ovechkin's face photoshopped onto Oviceraptor(?) dinosaur, raising the household quotient of fannish awesomeness by about 200%.

I want another fangirl in the house! But sports geekery counts anyways, I guess.]
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There are so many lovely guides to leaving feedback, I feel like there should also be guides to answering comments. A problem I never thought I'd have! I'm not used to receiving comments! I always wrote pretty niche stuff, and answering comments was not part of my early fandom socialization, so now I feel that I sound like a pompous twat whenever I try to navigate the issue. *hides back under a rock. it's comfy here. lots of interesting creepy-crawlies*

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That moment when you breathe in deeply, cross your fingers and google "How to hijack a plane" for smut-related purposes.



8 9